FOTOD: Naine tabas kaamerasse hingematvad kaadrid koduaias tegutsenud koolibridest

FOTOD: Naine tabas kaamerasse hingematvad kaadrid koduaias tegutsenud koolibridest

Nende kohusetundlike tiivuliste elutempo on võib-olla, et lausa kiirem, kui meil. Väikesed koolibrid jooksevad kui ajaga võidu, tehes taaskord oma korrapäraseid tiire lillelt lillele.

Enamikel juhtudest jääb meile nende suursugune ilu nähtamatuks, sest nad saabuvad tiibade sahinal ja haihtuvad silmapilkselt jälle õhku.

Ühel fotograafil õnnestus aga koolibrid oma täies hiilguses pildile saada.

Tracy Johnsonile ei ole maastikufotod või ööpimeduses pildistamine võõras, kuid seekord ei pidanud ta looduse ilu kaugelt otsima. Tema koduaed Californias on koolibride üks lemmikumaid peatuspaiku olnud juba aastaid, nii et ühel päeval otsustas ta kaamera välja võtta ja nende ilu jäädvustada.

I wonder if birds are ever afraid of the dark? Sometimes I'm afraid of the dark and I live indoors where nothing can eat me alive. I mean, the cats might get me after I'm dead. If they got really hungry and my roommates were on vacation. (EWWW! Who said that?! Gross!!!) But really: I think I'm going to start leaving out at least three days worth of food bowls just in case. You never know what could happen. I'm pretty klutzy. I've fallen up the stairs before: twice. And I'm a terrible cook so there is always the danger that I will burn the house down. I live in fear of having a terrible epitaph on my tombstone: like "She died in a massive kitchen fire because she was a terrible cook and attempted to cook Tator tots like Rachel Ray" Anyway, where was I? Oh yes! birds, fear, dark. It must be nerve wracking living in a tree. How on earth do you get any sleep at all?! I would be doing the thing I did that one time I got conned into going camping "what was that noise? Did you hear that? It sounded like a growl. I think it was aliens! Yep. Definitely aliens!" All night long. Only to fall asleep at 30 minutes til dawn: and have to wake up to eat when the sun rose. So basically: being a bird would be like camping. Every single night of my life. I hate camping. I love nature. I love the stars. I love beautiful views. But I have no desire to sleep in a house made out of fabric, with zippers that continually get stuck, that a wild animal (or a serial killer) could bite through. Tent Camping is like presenting predators with large fabric won tons filled with humans. No thank you. That's what day trips are for. And cabins. And four star hotels. So I guess what I'm saying is that I hope the birds are okay at night sleeping in the trees. And if any birds are reading this: FIND SOME FRIENDS TO CUDDLE WITH: there is safety in numbers. I never want to go camping ever again. And if I come back next lifetime as a hummingbird, I'm creating hummingbird tools to build myself a tiny tree house. With doors and a roof and Windows. Here is Tink, drinking flowers and looking forward to sleeping in a tree totally exposed to the elements 🌳😬 Annas Hummingbird 🌴California 🌴

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Ei tule üllatusena, et esimesed fotod neist, välgukiirusel tegutsevatest lindudest jäid udused, kuid lõpuks sai ta kaamerasse ka hingematvad kaadrid.

"Kui ma sisse suumisin, olin hämmastunud. Ma ei uskunud, et nende sulgedes on nii palju erinevaid värve," ütles ta. "Ma olin šokeeritud. Nad on nagu pisikesed kunstiteosed!"

Sellest ajast peale on Johnson võtnud oma missiooniks jäädvustada nende uskumatu ilu igakord, kui nad tema aiast läbi astuvad.

"Iga lind on eelmisest erinev. Sa saad sellest aru, kui sa teda pikemalt pikemalt jälgid," ütles Johnson. Umbkaudu kakskümmend koolibrid on tema regulaarsed külalised. "Ma olen nende kõigiga lähemalt tuttavaks saanud. Neil kõigil on erinev iseloom."

Seotud lood:

I like that Siri never gets mad at me for having to reroute. She always just calmly figures it out. Siri is really nice. Sometimes she does try to murder me though. One time while I was driving in Southern California: Siri led me on a road up to the edge of the water and told me to drive across. As I sat there trying to get Siri to admit that she was wrong, a tiny, rickety, broken down, one car barge drove up to the shore. The barge was barely floating, it was so low down in the water that water was washing over the surface of it. 😳🙈 no Thank you Siri! I'll take the long way home... She got bossy with me that time as I drove away from the shore and tried to get her to reroute. She was adamant that the barge was the way to go! I have always wondered what would have happened had I been following Siri at night. And I wonder how many cars have accidentally driven into the ocean at that spot. In other news: here is Luke, a male Annas Hummingbird, making cool shadows with the Penstemon 🐦💕🌺🌸 #birds #birdgang #bird #hummingbirds #hummingbirdlover #hummingbird #bird_watchers_daily #birdwatching #birdfreaks #birdstagram #birdsofinstagram #nuts_about_birds #birdphotography #bird_lovers_daily #allmightybirds #pocket_birds #exclusive_bird #bestbirdshots #best_birds_of_ig #igbirds #rsa_nature_birds #best_birds_of_ig #hummingbirdsofinstagram #nikonnofilter #nikon #annashummingbird #feather_perfection #backyard_dreams #bestshotz_birds #kings_birds

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You guys!! We hit 50,000 followers today! What the Fox?!? 🐺❓❗️How did we get so lucky? The birds and I have so many awesome friends on this feed. I love all of the interactions we have on here. I read and appreciate every single comment and message. (even when I don't have the time to reply to everybody.) Thank you all so much for hanging out with us! Without you guys and gals I would just be a crazy bird lady, hanging out in the backyard talking to my feathered friends. (And Flash would not have the super successful modeling career he has.) Flash, Merlin, Romeo, Tink and Luna put together a beautiful celebratory flight display involving lots of loops and dive bombs. I wish you guys could have seen it. It was spectacular! (And nobody got his head knocked against the Windows!) THANK YOU! for reading all of my super long captions, leaving beautiful comments for all of us and for being a super important part of this crazy feed. You guys are the coolest! Thank You @instagram for featuring me back when I only had a 1000 followers. Thank you @wired @weatherchannel @audubonsociety for sharing my feed and helping me to meet even more people! And Thank you to all of the other hubs and people who have featured my photos and videos over the past year. Including writers on Bored Panda @boredpanda, My Modern Met @mymodernmet and Mental Floss @mental_floss ...You guys made it possible for me to meet all of my new friends! Hugs and love and sparkles 👧🏻💕✨🐤✨🐦✨ here is Raphael, a fuzzy immature male Annas Hummingbird 😍☺️❤️

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